Stich & Oswald

Artist: Stich & Oswald
Title: Standleuchte Typ A
Description: Floor Lamp
Work Date: 2014
Materials: Steel, Concrete
Dimensions: H 110
Edition: Handmade

Stich & Oswald Ltd. is a practice founded by Hannes Oswald and Sebastian Stich in 2014. They extend their primary field of work in architecture by design issues of different scales, ranging from urbanism to the design of objects for everyday use.

The architect’s first object featured at Franziska Kessler Gallery is the floorlamp Type A, which they produce at their Zurich based atelier. The lamp’s design on one hand is derived from handicraft manufacture of industrial products – a premise when Stich & Oswald had developed the first models of the lamp as a unique christmas present for friends and family. On the other hand the bent steel tube is a thin optical connection between the elegant swiss globe bulb and the individually molded concrete base, that make up the object’s main compositional elements. The concrete’s rhomboid faces form a geometric contrast to the ideal sphere of the bulb, that adjustably spends bright general or comfortable reading light as well as a warm ambient loom.
The floorlamp Type A is presently part of the exhibition design at Basel’s Swiss Architecture Museum 30th anniversary show on the architects Roger Diener and Peter Märkli and their respective relation to the artists Josef Felix Müller and Hans Josephsohn. 

Stich & Oswald, that have trained and studied with Christian Kerez, Peter Märkli, Peter Zumthor and Herzog & de Meuron, consider their object designs as ongoing project alongside their architectural practice. Further works to appear at Franziska Kessler Gallery are currently in development.