The notion of “design” with the closeness to art, the turning away from the pure industrial product and to prototypical unica has sustainably changed the market and, as a consequence, influenced the distribution and broker channels of specially designed everyday objects. Exceptional design objects are nowadays much sought-after collectibles, shown in galleries, on special fairs and traded on special auction platforms.

The international design expert Franziska Kessler has been running a pop-up gallery since 2007 in Zurich, which caters to these tendencies with carefully curated exhibitions. The focus of the presentations lies on so-called “design art” objects by renowned designers and artists. Since the opening of her gallery, Franziska Kessler has shown exhibitions with works by Carlo Mollino, Christian Astuguevieille, Wendell Castle, Hannes Wettstein and Jacques Tati by Domeau & Pérès. She also runs a Zurich and Paris-based consulting design company with the approach to develop personalized concepts for each client. Franziska Kessler focuses on exquisite collectibles, vintage furniture, prototypes or so-called “one-offs”, products that the designers purposely create as unica or in limited numbers.

The gallery is cooperating with the following designers and artists:
Christian Astuguevielle
 • Emmanuel Babled • Gilbert Bretterbauer
Erik Bulatov
 • Wendell Castle • Frédéric Dedelley • Ayşe Erkmen
Alex Hanimann • Kees Hensen • Nic Hess • Melli Ink
Gioia Meller Marcovicz • Torsten Neeland • Xaver Sedelmeier
Stich & Oswald
 • Jacques Tati und Jacques Lagrange • Marcus Tremonto
Hermann August Weizenegger
 • Hannes Wettstein Studio
Philip Michael Wolfson
 • Richard Woods • Karim Noureldin