Since 2007 the design expert Franziska Kessler is running an international platform for contemporary design in Zurich. The focus of these presentations lies on carefully curated so-called “Design-Art” objects by renowned designers and artists.
She also runs a Zurich and Paris-based design and creative consulting agency with the approach to develop personalized exquisite collectibles, vintage furniture and objects, prototypes or so-called “One-Offs” - products that the designers purposely create as unica or in limited numbers.

Collaborations and realized exhibitions with following designers and artists like Christian Astuguevieille, Emmanuel Babled, Gilbert Bretterbauer, Wendell Castel, Frédéric Dedelley, Carlo Mollino, Gioia Meller Marcovicz, Torsten Neeland, Jaques Tati by Domerau & Pérés, Hermann August Weizenegger, Studio Hannes Wettstein und all the international artists for the exclusive NeedKnot-Carpet Edition.