“Give him enough rope, and he can furnish the whole house” – this is what the New York Times had to say about the spectacular design method of French designer Christian Astuguevieille.

The general public does not so much know the creative generalist because of his furniture, but rather because of his work for renowned fashion labels. Since 1994 he has been heading the perfume creation of the conceptual fashion house Comme des Garçons. In this function, he has created more than 50 scents and some of the most creative flacons. Also in the collection of petit h, the creative brand of Hermès, Astuguevielle’s objects are currently presented. Both with the perfume and the objects, the designer has time and again succeeded in undermining ingrained perception mechanisms.

For this, the esthete himself doesn’t have to go far. In his Parisian studio as in his atelier in Bayonne, the passionate collector has compiled a rich archive of finds, fabrics and materials from all over the world. This “cultural reservoir” harbors his form vocabulary; in dealing with the innumerable storage boxes he develops associative ideas, embarks on tactile expeditions that are finally reflected in his creative universe: an inspired spirit dreaming of a new world culture and telling poetic stories of foreign countries and this in his own hand writing.

Titel: Tactoris
Description: Commode
Work Date: 2008
Material: Tactile Hemp Rope
Size: H 110 x W 100 x D 56 cm
Edition: Signed

Titel: Fino

Description: Table
Work Date: 2012
Material: Black Cotton Rope
Size: H 75 x W 180 x D 75 cm
Edition: Unique | Signed

Titel: Afribaton
Description: Chair
Work Date: Vintage
Material: Cotton Rope Laquerd
Color: Black
Size: H 91 x W 40 x D 40 cm
Edition: Signed

Titel: Divinité
Description: Sulpture 
Date: 2007
Material: Hemp Rope
Size: H 86 x W 24 x D 24 cm
Edition: Unique

Titel: Joyaux 104
Description: Jewellery-Pendent
Work Date: 2011
Material: Strass, Glass, African Beads, Semi-precious Stones, Plastic
Size: H 17 x W 10 X D 5 cm
Weight: 160 gr
Edition: Unique