Jaques Tati

June 2007, Zurich

Monsieur and Madame Arpel live in an ultra-modern fully automated house, in which cleanliness, perfection and coldness reign. The kitchen appliances take care of all household chores in a robot-like fashion and Madame Arpel has only two hobbies: cleaning and keeping everything tidy. Luckily, there is uncle Hulot, an eccentric man, who – much to the joy of his nephew – brings chaos into the Arpel’s lives. Almost wordlessly, but all the more efficient, Monsieur Hulot sabotages and unmasks technological progress, which turns out to be a human regression in this Tati classic. Anybody who loves Tati’s 1958 cult movie “Mon Oncle” and its ultra-modern design will love these reeditions.

The collection presents the sitting furniture from the Arpel’s home. The pieces are produced in a limited edition by the French furniture company Domeau & Pérès. Bruno Domeau and Philippe Pérès, both fierce admirers of Tati’s aesthetic, chose Monsieur Arpels yellow rocking chair, the Canapé made of the two green tubes and the kidney-shaped chaise longue for their edition. “For us these objects were actual actors in Tati’s film,” the two furniture makers declare. The furniture, at the time exclusively designed for the movie by set designer Jacques Lagrange, was technologically and functionally reedited. Since all original pieces had disappeared, stills were used for the reediting. Another jewel from the Tati movie to be admired – and acquired – is Michel Lucotte’s white vase. It is also reedited in a limited edition by the “Manufacture de Sèvres”.

The furniture classics are reedited in a limited edition.