Christian Astuguevieille

May 2009, Zurich

Christian Astuguevieille’s jewelry is monumental and modest at the same time. A symbiosis of frugality and mundane chic with a playful interpretation of ethnic and infantile elements. Tactile materials are at the center of his creations: rough coated linen, cotton cord, hemp twine, wooden pearls or silk slings. Astuguevieille is a traveler. He works his observations, perceptions, impressions and sensations into his objects. Small or big, jewelry or furniture, sculpture or painting – every piece reflects his imaginary world.

Christian Astuguevieille has already been creating jewelry since the eighties. For the French couture houses Lanvin, Claude Montana or Jean-Paul Gaultier, the designer created unique pieces for the catwalk.

The art and design world is a multifaceted universe for the French designer and artist Christian Astuguevieille. Cord is his stylistic device, with cord he created his world-famous sculptural furniture collection. Sculptures and furniture made from plush toys – creatures that are both mythical and sensually tactile – have been completing his material language for some time. This complexity is also reflected in his jewelry collections. He does not work with gold and gemstones, he is inspired by playing with unusual elements – textiles, feathers, safety pins, rubber, shells, plastic pearls, even parts of chandeliers and rubber animals. His zest and enthusiasm for creating are omnipresent and unchecked.