Emmanuel Babled

October 2009, Zurich

Emmanuel Babled’s philosophy is based on the idea that a real project comes about through the direct contact and physical presence in the territory of its production. He observes materials and techniques in the authentic surroundings and thus gains a feeling for places and social conditions as integral parameters of his work method. This approach is not only based on anthropological interest, but on mental immersion, leading to a creative process that is both individual and innovative. The French designer's works encompass tradition, modernity, sacredness, consumption, artisanal production and sustainability. It is this unique mix that gives the projects a contemporary, poetic and transcultural character.

A famous example is his "Digit" lamp, produced by Studio Babled in Murano, with white and black glass balls in a frothy mass of gravity-defying bubbles. Computer-aided virtual engineering made it possible to obtain the impeccable precision necessary to convey visual density combined with an almost chaotic appearance. 

For the production of his objects, the designer likes to use cutting-edge technology, such as an anthropomorphic robot and a 3-D scanner that guides tools directly from a 3-D file, thus obtaining a degree of fidelity and perfection that is difficult to find in manual artistry. 

Around the world, Emmanuel Babled’s furniture and lamps are highly valued collectors’ items and are also featured in international exhibitions.

Emmanuel Babled, 1967, lives and works today in Lisbon, Portugal.